General information


About our work

The most important and top-priority task of the Visa Office is the simplification and acceleration of an entry visa to the Russian Federation obtaining process.

It becomes possible due to the Visa Offices collaboration with Russian Federation consulate institutions, modern material and technical base and the employment of the newest technologies in document receipt and processing.

The office operators are ready to consult the applicants on the issues regarding the Russian Federation visa processing and the necessary documentation package for obtaining a visa to enter Russian federation.

In order to save your time the reception of applicants in the Visa Office is carried out by a booked appointment.

For your convenience a multi-channel call-centre was created in the Visa Office (Contact information) in order to consult you on all the issues you may be interested in. You may also send us your questions via email or by using the electronic Feedback  system on our website. 

About the visa processing time schedules

The Embassy and Consulate General of the Russian Federation consider visa applications and decide either to issue or to decline to issue a visa within the term established for the requested visa type (usually from 4 to 10 business days) after the full documentation package is submitted and consular fees are paid.

In individual cases the period for visa application consideration may be changed due to a consulate institution decision.

n case of an emergency requiring an urgent entry to the Russian Federation a citizen may request visa processing on expedite basis. The period for visa application consideration may be reduced to 3 business days and less due to a decision made by the Ambassador or Consul-General of the Russian Federation.

Consulate institutions reserve a right to extend or change the duration of a visa to the Russian Federation processing up to 30 days if necessary, or on the basis of the principle of mutuality.

About the fees

During the submission of the documents to obtain a visa to the Russian Federation through the Visa Office the consular and service fees are collected.

Consular fee is collected for the consideration of a visa application. The fee may vary depending on visa category, type, number of entries, as well as the applicant citizenship.

Service fee is collected for the documents receipt, procession, submission to a consulate institution and the issuance of the documents back to an applicant.

The fee may be paid in the Visa Office in cash.

The service and consular fees are paid before the consideration of the documents, and in case of a decision to decline to issue a visa, the fees are not refunded.


For more information on fee amount see “Visa types / “Fees and time schedules.