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Carefully read the terms of record and follow them. It`s your responsibility to abide them. Records that violate the rules are invalid and will be deleted automatically without notification. Claims for these records will not be accepted.
Be careful! You will only be accepted according to the questions that are listed in your appointment. In the case of your carelessness, forgetfulness or mistake, please don`t complain. To continue to register for an appointment, please choose an adequate question

Choose a date on the calendar, after you choose a date you will have a chance to choose a convenient time. If you are satisfied with chosen date and time, please press "next".

When finshed the application, mark " I agree with…" and press "Next"
Please remember of write down below specified "appointment time and date", and also the " record identifier" (number of your turn). If you need to print out the registration confirmation, press "print". If you have entered an email address, an automated email with the duplicate of your registration confirmation will be sent to your email address.